Life after Salvation
starting, steering, and staying right according to the Bible
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These lessons have been prepared by
Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Now That I'm Saved, Where Should I Go to Church?

Church attendance has caused confusion among many people. First, you ought to attend a church that teaches you about Christ and how to be SAVED. Second, the primary textbook for the entire church and Sunday School should be the BIBLE. Third, the church ought to give ALTAR CALLS, inviting people to be saved, and for the saved to get their hearts right with God. How often you are to attend is a question for some. You are to attend each time the doors are open for a service. Sunday Morning is not the most important service of the week nor is Sunday Night. The most important service of the week is the Mid-week Prayer Meeting. In most churches attendance is high on Sunday Morning, drops for the Evening Service, and reaches its all time low on the Mid-week Prayer Meeting Night. This should not be the case. Let's see what the Scripture has to say about church attendance.

07.01 In Acts 2:41-42, after the 3,000 were saved and baptized, what happened to them?

07.02 You can only add to something that already exists. Yes _______ No _______

07.03 According to Acts 1:15, what was the membership of the first church in Jerusalem?_________ 

07.04 In Hebrews 10:25, we are warned to do what about the assembling of ourselves together?

07.05 In that same verse, we are taught to assemble ourselves __________

07.06 In Hebrews 10:24, we are told to do what to one another?__________

07.07 We are to consider and provoke one another to do what? Heb. 10:24_______________________________ 

07.08 Please explain in your own words what Heb. 10:24-25 means.       

07.09 In I Corinthians 15:58, we are taught to be three things in the Lord's work.
	What are they?
	(1) ______________________________________________
	(2) ______________________________________________
	(3) ______________________________________________

	What do they mean? __________________________________________
07.10 According to Acts 2:47, what type of people does God add to the church? 

07.11 Does Acts 2:47 mean that only saved people should be members of the church? Yes _______ No _______
07.12 In Acts 15:25, what did Luke say about being assembled? ________________________

07.13 What does Acts 11:26 say that Paul did with the Church when he came to Antioch?
          (1) ___________________________________________________________________________ 
          (2) ___________________________________________________________________________

07.14 In Acts 9:26, what did Saul want to do with the disciples?       

Pastor's note:
	You can only join something that is already existing.
	You join to identify yourself with those who believe like you.

07.15 In Ephesians 5:23:
	(1) What is Christ's position in the Church?________________________
	(2) How is the Church represented? _____________________________

07.16 How did Christ obtain the Church?
	Acts 20:28  ______________________________________________________

07.17 What has He done for us through His death? 

07.18 What proves that we are God's children and thus members of His Church?
	I John 4:7________________________________________________________

07.19 Romans 12:4-5 teaches that all believers are:      

Each believer is given a different, but important responsibility in this spiritual body, the church.
Read I Corinthians 12:14-27.

07.20 If any Christian is helped or suffers, how does this affect us as believers?
	I Corinthians 12:26 ______________________________________________

07.21 What is every Christian's responsibility to others in the church?
	I Peter 4:10 _____________________________________________________

07.22 Where did believers meet before they had church buildings?
	Romans 16:5 ______________________________________________________
	I Corinthians 16:19 _________________________________________________

07.23 On what day did they meet? Acts 20:7 _____________________________________

07.24 From Acts 2:42, list four things that are important to the church.
	(1) ____________________________________________________
	(2) ____________________________________________________
	(3) ____________________________________________________
	(4) ____________________________________________________

07.25 What is God's desire for the local church? I Corinthians
	1:20 Write in your own words.      

Pastor's Note: A pastor or minister is a shepherd or the spiritual leader of a local church. He is responsible to
nurture, train and lead the believers in his flock. The terms pastor (Eph. 4:11), presbytery (I Tim. 4:14), bishop
(I Tim. 3:1) and elder (I Peter 5:1) all refer to the pastor. In the Greek, they all mean "overseer."

07.26 What is the purpose or duty of the pastor? I Peter 5:2      

07.27 What kind of spiritual leadership did God promise in the Old Testament?
          Jeremiah 3:15 __________________________________________

Read Ephesians 4:11-16:

07.28 Who, in addition to the apostles and prophets, have been made responsible to build up the church?
	Eph. 4:11 _____________________________________________________

07.29 What are the reasons why these duties are given?
	Eph. 4:12 _____________________________________________________

07.30 What is the ultimate goal of such Christian services?
	Eph. 4:13 _____________________________________________________

Read Acts 20:28:

07.31 Church leaders are presented as _______________________________

07.32 Who gives them position? ______________________________________

07.33 What is their responsibility? _________________________________

07.34 How should the church's leaders accept their responsibility?
	I Peter 5:2 ___________________________________________________

Read I Peter 5:3-4:

07.35 How should they exercise their authority?       

07.35 The faithful shepherd is promised a reward when Christ comes again. True ________   False ________

07.36 The Pastor is to preach:
	(1) Eph. 3:8  ______________________________________________
	(2) II Tim. 4:2  ___________________________________________
	(3) II Cor. 4:5 ____________________________________________

07.37 What does Hebrews 10:25 warn us not to neglect?      

Read Ephesians 4:2-3:

07.38 What is our responsibility?      

07.39 What will promote unity? ____________________________________

07.40 How should those who are appointed to preach and teach be supported?
	I Corinthians 9:14 __________________________________________


When you trust Christ as Saviour, you become part of the body of Christ, the universal Church. He requires you to become part of a local church where you are to be baptized and attend every service. Not all churches preach the Bible, and not all churches that preach the Bible, obey the Bible. Believers should fellowship with a Bible-preaching, Bible-teaching church. Hebrews 10:25.

Pastor's note: Center your life and the life of your family around your local church. Attend every service, especially the Mid-week Prayer Service. Don't make going to church a "have to", but a "want to." Look for areas where you can serve Him in your local church. Volunteer. Be a role model for the youth of the church. Use the talent God has given to you for the edifying of the saints and the building of the local church. We are to "occupy until He comes" Luke 19:13. Let's do the best job we can. And let's be found doing it when He comes.

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