Life after Salvation
starting, steering, and staying right according to the Bible
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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Witnessing for Christ: The Need of the World

(Remember the world starts in your own hometown . . .with your own family)

The Word of God is very clear concerning the Christian's witness for Christ. How you were saved is your testimony to a lost and sinful world. Salvation is offered to all only by grace through faith, but God gives each of us our own story or testimony to share with other people. Remember how you were saved? When was the last time you shared your story with others? Been a while? Why? Let's learn what the Bible says about witnessing.

 08.01 What is Christ's Great Commission to His followers concerning
the world?
        (a)  Matthew 28:18-20 _________________________________________
        (b) Mark 16:15 ________________________________________________
        (c) Luke 24:46-48 _____________________________________________
        (d) John 17:18-21______________________________________________

08.02 In Acts 1:8, where did God say that Christians should be a      
        "Ye shall be witnesses unto me
        in  (Fill in the name of your city)________________________            
        in (Fill in the name of your state)________________________
        in (Fill in the name of your country) _____________________
        and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

       Pastor's Note:
               Your mission begins at church.
               Your mission field is your hometown.
               Your mission work begins when you leave church each service.
               Your mission is to do the will of the Father:
                         Tell your story daily.
                         Tell your story to everyone.
                         Tell your story to listeners.
                         Tell your story to non-listeners.

        Remember: God will bring across your path each day a soul to witness to. What a joy it is to see someone
        accept Christ as their Saviour! That joy can be yours! Your mission: Tell how you were saved. Or just . . . 
        invite them to your church and let God speak to them!

08.03 What is God's eventual purpose for all the earth?
        Habakkuk 2:14 _________________________________________________
        Isaiah 11:9 ___________________________________________________

08.04 What are some evidences of the world's condition today?
        (a) II Timothy 3:1-5 ________________________________________________
       (b) II Timothy 3:7 __________________________________________________
       (c) Romans 3:14-18 ________________________________________________

08.05 What awaits all who do not accept Christ's salvation? Rev.20:12,15

08.06 What is God's attitude toward the world in spite of all its sin and rebellion?
        John 3:16  _____________________________________________________
        Romans 5:8 _____________________________________________________

08.07 Because of this, what did Jesus do?
        (a) II Cor. 5:15 _______________________________________________
        (b) I Tim. 2:5-6 _______________________________________________

08.08 What is Christ's ministry, and to whom?
        (a) I John 4:14 ________________________________________________
        (b) I John 2:2 _________________________________________________
        (c) John 1:29 __________________________________________________
        (d) John 8:12 __________________________________________________

08.09 In Peter's sermon in Acts 3, of what promise did he remind his hearers? Acts 3:25 (See Gen. 12:1-3)

08.10 Through whom is the promise fulfilled?
        Gal. 3:16 ___________________________

08.11 Did this promise include any besides the Jewish nation?
        If so, who?
                (a) Gal. 3:8 ___________________________________________________
                (b) Gal. 3:9 ___________________________________________________
                (c) Gal. 3:29 __________________________________________________

08.12 God's desire for all mankind without Christ is:
        (a) II Peter 3:9 _______________________________________________
        (b) Acts 26:20 _________________________________________________

          Christ's last command to His disciples was to reach the world with the Gospel. In the following statements
          of the Great Commission:

08.13 What is the goal? Mark 16:15 ____________________________________

08.14 What is to be our procedure in reaching the goal? Acts 1:8

08.15 How are we to achieve the goal? Matt. 28:19-20?

08.16 What kind of person does God want for such a task? II Chronicles 16:9

08.17 In the light of the world's need and God's commission to us, what should we do?
        (a) Romans 12:1 ________________________________________________
        (b) Romans 12:2 ________________________________________________
        (c) Hebrews 12:1-2 _____________________________________________

08.18 As Jesus looked on the need, what did He ask His disciples to pray?
        Matt. 9:36-38 __________________________________________________

08.19 In Romans 1:16, what is our message to be?________________________
        And, what has this message the power to do? ____________________

08.20 When persecution broke out against the young church, Acts 8:1,4:
        (a) Who were the ones scattered? _______________________________
        (b) Who remained in Jerusalem? _________________________________
        (c) What did those who were scattered do? ______________________

08.21 What was the result of the lives and the witness of the ordinary church members?
        (a) In Thesalonica? I Thess. 1:8 ________________________________
        (b) In Rome? Romans 1:8 ________________________________________

08.22 What was Paul's greatest desire?
        Ro. 15:20-21 _____________________________________________________

08.23 When should we begin to see and reach the world?
        John 4:35_________________________________________________________

08.24 What else can we do to share in the world-wide harvest?
        (a) II Thess. 3:1-2 ____________________________________________
        (b) Phil. 4:15-17 ______________________________________________
        (c) Matt. 28:20 ________________________________________________
        (d) II Tim. 2:2 ________________________________________________

Read II Corinthians, Chapters 8 and 9.

08.25 What did Samuel say when the Lord called him?
        I Sam. 3:9-10? ___________________________________________________

08.26 The Lord has called us His ambassadors to the world. II Cor. 5:20
          What should our response be? Isaiah 6:9 ____________________________

08.27 What was the first thing Andrew did after he met Jesus?
        John 1:40-42 _____________________________________________________

08.28 In Mark 5:19, after Jesus had healed a man:
        (a) Where did he tell him to go?________________________________
        (b) What did he tell him to do? ________________________________

08.29 What did Peter say about speaking of Jesus Christ? Acts 4:20

08.30 What was Paul to tell the people?
        Acts 22:15  ____________________________________________________

A witness in a courtroom is expected to tell what he knows about a given situation. The Christian witness is
to tell others what he knows about Jesus Christ and what it means to have personally trusted in Him as his

08.31 Of what did Paul say he was not ashamed?
        Ro. 1:16 _________________________________________________________

08.32 Why was he not ashamed? Ro. 1:16 _________________________________

08.33 In Luke 24:46-48:
        (a) What prophecies had just been fulfilled?             
        (b) What messages were the disciples to proclaim?            
        (c) Whom were they to tell?
        (d) Who is to tell?

08.34 Since we are God's children, living in a warped and wicked age, Phil. 2:15:
        (a) What kind of lives should we live? ____________________________
        (b) What can be the result? ____________________________________

08.35 According to Matthew 5:16:
        (a) What do people notice that makes a Christian's life shine?            
        (b) What can be the result?_____________________________________

                                          THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO YOU
                                       You are writing a Gospel, a chapter each day,
                                  By the deeds that you do and the words that you say.
                                       Men read what you write . . . distorted or true;
                                              What is the Gospel according to you?                 

08.36 Who are the ones who should openly speak of their salvation?
        Psalm 107:2_______________________________________________________

08.37 The blind man whom Jesus healed had little or no theological training, but he could give a simple and
          effective testimony. What two facts did he relate? John 9:25
        (Fact 1) _______________________________________________________
        (Fact 2) _______________________________________________________

08.38 For what should we always be prepared? I Peter 3:15

Read Acts 26:1-29

08.39 Underline the correct answer of how Paul started his testimony. Acts 26:2-3
        (a) By "telling off" his listeners.
        (b) By apologizing for speaking of Christ to them.
        (c) With a polite approach.

08.40 In spite of an exceptionally religious background (26:4-5), what had been his attitude toward Christians?
        Acts 26:9-11 _____________________________________________________

08.41 What reversed the direction of Paul's life? Acts 26:12-15

08.42 FILL IN THE BLANKS Acts 26:23
        He explained the Gospel, that Christ must _____________________________
        and then, ______________________________________________________ 

08.43 What is the Gospel? Write out and memorize I Corinthians 15:3-4.

08.44 He asked King Agrippa if he __________________ the prophets. Acts 26:27

        Paul said he wanted everyone who heard him to become as he was
      (a) a prisoner     (b) a believer

08.46 Look over Acts 26:1-23 again and observe the natural outline of Paul's testimony.
          List the verses that apply to each part.
        (a) His approach _______________________________________________
        (b) His background _____________________________________________
        (c) His meeting with Christ and the results ____________________
        (d) The Gospel _________________________________________________

Now that you've seen how Paul gave his testimony, how would you give yours? Giving your testimony is one of your
best ways of witnessing. It's particularly helpful in presenting Jesus Christ to relatives and close friends . . . usually
the most difficult to witness to, because they know you.

08.47. What should you avoid and why? II Timothy 2:23

08.48 In II Timothy 2:24-26
        (a) What should the Lord's servant do? _____________________________
        (b) What should he be? _________________________________________


        (1) Make it personal . . . don't preach. Tell what Christ has done for you. Use "I", "me", not "you."
        (2) Make it short. Three or four minutes. Cover essential facts.
        (3) Keep Christ central. Highlight what Christ has done for you.
        (4) Use the Word of God. Scripture adds power to your testimony.

08.49 Write out your testimony . . . the way you would tell it to an unbeliever.

08.50 What should we ask for as we pray for witnessing opportunities?  Acts 4:29

08.51 According to Romans 3:10, we are not what?________________________

08.52 Does this include everyone? Yes ______________ No ________________

08.53 What two reasons are given to show that we are not righteous. Romans 3:11
                (Reason 1) ____________________________________________________
                (Reason 2) ____________________________________________________

08.54 According to Romans 3:23, what have we done? _____________________
        And what is the result of what we have done? ________________________

08.55 The reason we are sinners and have come short of God's standard of living for our life is explained in
          Romans 5:12. The one man in this verse is Adam. (Read Gen. 2:17, 3:1-24) He brought sin upon the
          human race, and as a result, what other penalty?      

08.56 According to Romans 6:23, has the penalty changed?      

08.57 In Romans 6:23, if the wages of our sinful life is eternal separation from God, what statement in that verse
          teaches us that God cares?

08.58 What word in Ro. 6:23 denotes that we cannot work for salvation? ___________________

08.59 It is hard to understand why God would want to give us the gift of eternal life when we don't seek after
          Him or understand His Word. The reason God gave us this gift is found in Romans 5:8.
        What is it? 

08.60 Romans 5:8 teaches us that God loves us. But what else did He do?

08.61 In what condition were we when He did this?_______________________

Now, if we are all sinners, separated from God right now by our sins, and we were to die in that condition, we
would be separated from God for an eternity in Hell. But, God saw our condition and knew that we
couldn't save ourselves; He gave us the gift of eternal life. Because He loved us, Christ died for us, paying our sin
penalty for us. We need to ask the question:

If it is a gift, how do we accept it?

Read Romans 10:9-10, 13 and answer the next six questions:

08.62  What two parts of the human body are used in Ro. 10:9, and what are they to do?

08.63 Does Romans 10:9 say that we
        (a) might be saved?     
        (b) could be saved?     
        (c) hoped to be saved?
          (d) wouldn't know until we got there?
          (e) would be saved?

08.64 Confession is not just confessing a particular sin, but that we are a _________________ Ro.3:23.
        This is the reason we commit particular sins.

08.65 According to Romans 10:10, we believe unto _______________________ and confess unto
          ____________________________ .

08.66 According to Ro. 10:13, who can call on the name of the Lord?      

08.67 What will happen to ALL who call? _________________________________

One of the most exciting things that will ever happen to you outside of your own salvation is witnessing to another and watching them put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Remember: God did not save us just to take us to heaven. We are redeemed to have fellowship with our Lord, and through that fellowship witness to others of what God has done in our own personal life.

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