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starting, steering, and staying right according to the Bible
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The Principles of Prayer

Bible reading is God's way of speaking to you and me. Praying is our way of speaking to God. The Lord wants to be more than just a Saviour to us; He wants to be our Friend. Developing this friendship through prayer is called fellowship. Fellowship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important activity of the believer. Don't ever forget this fact. Learn to talk to the Lord about everything. If you do this, your spiritual life will grow in wisdom by the Word of God. The experience of answered prayer is thrilling. There ought to be a time everyday that we personally go to the Lord on our knees. Then there ought to be a time everyday that we go to the Lord in prayer as a family. And, we ought always to be in the mood of prayer wherever we go, because God is only a prayer away. That is real fellowship. Notice what the Word of God says about prayer.

09.01 Since God is our refuge, what are we told to do? Psalm 62:8     

09.02 With what attitude should we approach God in prayer? Hebrews 10:22     

09.03 In Luke 11:9, what three words does Jesus use to describe prayer and what promise is connected
          with each?                                                    Promise:
	(1)_____________________                ______________________________
	(2)_____________________                ______________________________
	(3)_____________________                ______________________________

09.04 In Philippians 4:6-7:
          (a) What are we to do? ___________________________________________
          (b) What is promised?  ___________________________________________

09.05 In Psalm 50:15:
          (a) What is God's command? ______________________________________
          (b) What is His promise?  _________________________________________

09.06 What are two reasons that God answers our prayers?
          (a) John 14:13 __________________________________________________
          (b) John 16:24  _________________________________________________

09.07 In your own words, write out I Thessalonians 5:16-18:

09.08 According to Jeremiah 33:3, if we call upon God what will He do?

09.09 According to Ephesians 3:20, if we call upon God what will he do?

09.10 What is one thing we must do to receive answers to prayer? John 16:24

09.11 Upon Whose merits (in Whose name) should we pray? John 14:13-14

09.12 By what do we enter the holiest? Hebrews 10:19 _____________________

The divine pattern of prayer is to:
		Pray to the Father
                                In the name of the Son
                                With the help of the Holy Spirit.

09.13 As we pray, our attitude should follow Jesus' example. Luke 22:42
          "Not my _____________________________________________________"

09.14 What is another condition for answered prayer?
          (a) Heb. 11:6  ______________________________________________
          (b) Matt. 21:22 _____________________________________________

09.15 What gives us faith that God will hear us? I John 5:14-15

09.16 How do we find God's will and build faith for answers? John 15:7

09.17 What is one hindrance to unanswered prayer? Psalm 66:18

09.18 In Romans 10:1
          (a) How does Paul describe his concern for his lost countrymen?
          (b) What did he do about it? ___________________________________
          (c) What was his goal for them? ________________________________

09.19 According to I Timothy 2:1-4:
          (a) For what three groups of people should we pray?
	(1) ___________________________________________________
                (2) ___________________________________________________
                (3) ___________________________________________________
          (b) Why? ______________________________________________________
          (c) What is prayer in the sight of God? I Tim. 2:3 ______________________

09.20 For what does the Lord especially want us to pray? Matt. 9:37-38

09.21 For what should we ask for those who serve Christ around the world? (Your hometown).
          (a) Eph. 6:19-20 ________________________________________________
          (b) II Thess. 3:1-2 _______________________________________________

09.22 According to Eph. 6:18-20, how should we pray? ______________________

09.23 In Eph. 6:18-20, for what did Paul ask? ______________________________
          Why?  ________________________________________________________

09.24 For what should we ask for ourselves?
          (a) James 1:5 __________________________________________________
          (b) Psalm 119:34 _______________________________________________
          (c) Psalm 119:133 _______________________________________________
          (d) Matt. 26:41 _________________________________________________
          (e) Psalm 51:2, 10  ______________________________________________
          (f) Psalm 37:5 __________________________________________________
          (g) Psalm 19:14  ________________________________________________

09.25 For whom else should we pray? Matt. 5:44 ___________________________

	Have you started a prayer list? You will find it a helpful reminder in praying.
	Be specific. God answers specifically. Include the following:
                (1) Your family
                (2) Your unsaved family, friends, and acquaintances.
                (3) Your pastor, church and its ministry.
                (4) Missionaries and Christian workers you know.
                (5) Your personal needs.

09.26 According to Matt. 6:9-13, Jesus teaches certain principles which we should include in our personal praying.
          (a) Whom should we address in prayer?  _____________________________
          (b) Whose Name should we honor and worship? _______________________
          (c) What do you think "Thy Kingdom Come" means?
          (d) What phrases include our personal submission to God?
          (e) What specific needs should we ask to be supplied? 
          (f) As we ask God to forgive our offenses, what obligation do we have?
          (g) From what two things should we pray to be kept?
	(1) ________________________ (2) __________________________

To have a life that is pleasing to God; it must be a life of prayer. You may have heard the saying,
"A family that prays together, stays together."
Husbands, does your family:
        (1) Have prayer time together?  Yes ________  No _________
        (2) Attend the Mid-week Prayer Service? Yes ________  No _________ 

If not, why not? God is not looking for excuses; He is looking for OBEDIENCE.
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