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From Whom Must I Separate Myself
In These Latter Days?

First, we must recognize that we are living in the "latter days." The latter days are the days in history just before the Lord returns for His Church. Jesus' return is called "The Rapture." During the latter days many Christians will fall away from the doctrines of Christ. This falling away is known as the Apostasy. Apostasy has always been with us; however, the Scriptures teach that it will come to an appalling climax in the last days of this Church Age.

God gives many warnings to believers to not only separate from the world, but also from those who call themselves Christians and are not. Not all believers will heed God's warnings. They entangle themselves in the things of the world. They entangle themselves with those who call themselves Christians and are not. These brethren are in error to the commands and warnings of God. These brethren walk disorderly in the sight of God. God gives us clear instructions in II Thessalonians 3:6 as to what we should do concerning these believers.

II Thessalonians 3:6
Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.

Notice the strong, but clear words that Paul uses:

12.01  Is Paul asking or commanding? ________________________________________ 

12.02  Who is Paul addressing this warning? ____________________________________

12.03  In whose authority or name is this warning given? ____________________________ 

12.04  What two words tell us that both groups are believers?  
           (1) ________________________  (2) __________________________ 

12.05  Will both groups go to Heaven? Yes ________  No _________  Undecided ________

12.06  In the eyes of God, can both groups worship together? _______________
           Why? ___________________________________________________________________

Think about this illustration:

                    Take three glasses and line them up in a row.
                    Fill the first glass (We will call Glass A) with clear clean drinking water.
                    Skip the middle glass (We will call Glass B).
                 Fill the third glass (We will call Glass C) with thick black ink or poison.
        (Remember this is an illustration only - PLEASE DO NOT DO)

12.07  Which glass would you want to drink from? Glass A _____     Glass B _____    Glass C _____

                    Pour half of Glass A into Glass B.
                    Pour half of Glass C into Glass B.

12.08  Which glass would you want to drink from? Glass A _____     Glass B _____    Glass C _____

12.09  Did you choose Glass A both times? Yes ________    No ________
           Why?  _____________________________________________________________________

                    Pastor's Note: When you mix an unclean with a clean; two things happen:
                                           (1) The clean always becomes unclean.
                                           (2) The unclean never become clean.
                    In our illustration, let's change the names of the glasses.
                                            Glass A will be called "Believers."
                                            Glass B (is empty) with no name at this time.
                                            Glass C will be called "Unbelievers"

                Pour half of Glass A into Glass B.
                Pour half of Glass C into Glass B

12.10  God would call Glass B "Believers mixed with Unbelievers in Worship and Fellowship."

12.11 Which glass would you think would please God?   Glass A ______     Glass B ______    Glass C ______
          Why? ___________________________________________________________________________

12.12  God calls the Believers in Glass B "brethren that walketh _________________________ " God
           commands Believers in Glass A to __________________ themselves from _________________ 
           brethren in Glass B that walketh disorderly and not after the tradition.

          The word "withdraw" means to separate from. The Doctrine of Separation is taught throughout the Bible.
          In this lesson we will focus on Separation from Other Believers, a command from God to enforce and
          practice during these latter days.

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