Life after Salvation
starting, steering, and staying right according to the Bible

These lessons have been prepared by
Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Introduction and Index

The purpose of these lessons is to ground the Believer in the Word of God. Yes, there is Life after Salvation. But we have a life that requires starting, steering, and staying right according to the Bible. Not how we want to life our lives, but how God wants us to live our lives. Your will need a Bible. All the answers in these lessons are found in the King James Version. If you do not have one, you'll need to get one. Otherwise, you will find many answers that will not be correct. It's like being in school. The teacher has one text book and everyone uses the same text book. It would be hard to each a class, if every student had a different textbook. Our text book for these lessons is the KJV Bible. All of the answers are found in the Bible, except those written in your own words. But those answers should be biblically based.

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Lesson 1
What is Salvation?

Lesson 2
How Long Does Salvation Last?

Lesson 3
Unto What Has God Saved Us?

Lesson 4
What Does the Bible Says about Baptism?

Lesson 5
We Must Learn to Study God's Word

Lesson 6
Let's Study the Book of John
Lesson 6a
Chapters 1-7
  Lesson 6b
Chapters 8-14
   Lesson 6c
Chapters 15-21

Lesson 7
Now That I'm Saved, Where Should I Go to Church?

Lesson 8
Witnessing for Christ: The Need of the World

Lesson 9
The Principles of Prayer

Lesson 10
The Matter of Scriptural Giving

Lesson 11
What is My Relationship to the World and Worldly Things?

Lesson 12
From Whom Must I Separate Myself in These Latter Days?

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