EDITORIALS by Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

There can be no compromise or dialogue
with False Teachers, who disregard God's Word! 

(1) Godís Judgment Will Be against Gays and Lesbians -
My article on the gay issue

(2) Disappointed in Column -
Five Bellevue pastors opposed my article on gays

(3) God Will Judge False Teachers - My reply to those pastors

(4) God Hates Sin - Pastor Tim Cochran, Clyde Baptist Church, replies to those pastors

(5) God Always the Same -
Pastor David Arp, Trinity Baptist Church, shares my stand

(6) Social Ignorance -
Green Spring man writes, "Consider replacing clergy or going to Pastor Flynn's church."

(7) The Heart Produces Sin -
Where all sin begins (given to, but never printed in Bellevue Gazette)

(8) The Choices We Make - Bellevue Church of Christ member writes

(9) Lutheran Pastor Responds -
Pastor Flynn is a student of Scripture

(10) Response Deserves Scrutiny - Bellevue Alliance Church Pastor takes on the "Unfaithful Five."

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