Why They Call Me Mr. Twenty

They call Mr. Twenty because I give away $20 bills. I am a GBG Presidential Platinum Member and I am at a point in my own GBG business to help change people's life, health, and wealth. Maybe I can help you? Here is what I want YOU TO DO. (1) Go to my GBG business web site www.shopgbg.com/ralphflynn and watch the three short videos: "Show Me the Product", "Show Me the Company", and "Show Me the Money". (2) If you are interested in having a better life style, better health, or better wealth then click on the "Get Started" button on my web site. This will take you to a page that will let you pick either a Gold or a Platinum Membership. Platinum is where the money is. (3) Fill out the form completely for the membership you wish to have, submit it, and you have a FREE business and a FREE web site. That's it!

I am looking for someone from EVERY STATE to join my National Team. So far I have team members in 14 States. Look at the videos again! www.shopgbg.com/ralphflynn 

Now if you say, "I don't have the money right now, but I'm very much interested is doing this." Then I can help. That's where I live up to my name Mr. Twenty. Once you register as a member, I will be notified right a way. If you need financial help - here is what I will do. E-mail me at rflynnbellevue@yahoo.com and tell me you have signed up under me from my GBG web site and give me this code in your e-mail MR20GBG then I will mail you a personal check. $20 for signing up as a Gold Member or a $200 for signing up as a Platinum Member. That's right! $200 for Platinum.

Be the first in your State to be a Platinum Member on my National Team. Hoping to hear from you soon. If you want to sign up as a Gold Member you can - you can always upgrade. I will help if you upgrade. Thanks for reading all of this. However, the videos tell the whole story www.shopgbg.com/ralphflynn Show them to a friend. Better yet, show them from YOUR OWN GBG web site. Hoping to hear from you soon.


Ralph H. Flynn, (Mr. Twenty)