The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 1:1-3
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Lesson 1
The Key Verse

Introduction: The key verse of the Book of The Revelation is:
Rev. 1:19
Learn this verse as soon as possible.
It is the key to the three major parts of this great book.
Christ instructs John to write the following:
        (1) Write the things which thou hast seen (Ch. 1)
        (2) and the things which are (Ch. 2-3) [This is the Church Age]
        (3) and the things which shall be hereafter (Ch. 4-22) [After the Rapture]

I. _______________ of the Book. (vs 1)
        A. It is The Revelation of ___________________________
        B. It is ________ The Revelation of ___________________

II. ________________ of Revelation. (vs 2)
        A. The Revelation was given in this order:
                    From ___________________
                    To _____________________
                    To _____________________
                    To _____________________
                    To _____________________

        B. The Revelation is now being given To _______________

III. __________________ of our Bible Study. (vs 3)
        Blessed is he that ____________________
        Blessed is he that ____________________
        Blessed is he that ____________________

It is the only Book of the Bible that promises a ________________

The Major Theme of the Book of The Revelation is _____________

The _______________ is not mentioned any more __________ Chapter 3.

Chapters 4-20 reveal God’s ________ upon the _______________

Chapters 21-22 reveal God’s ________ upon the _______________

Christ: “Behold, I come _________” (Rev. 22:7) “Surely I come __________”(Rev. 22:20)

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