The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 2:1-7
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Lesson 4
Dear Church of Ephesus

I. Unto the _____________ of the church of __________________ write:
I know thy ________________________
I know thy ________________________
I know thy ________________________

II. Ephesus is the ________________ church.

III. You can not bear _________ which are __________________
Thou hast ____________ them which say they are
____________________ and are not.
Thou hast found them _____________________

IV. For my name’s sake
Thou hast ____________________
Thou hast ____________________
Thou hast ____________________
Thou hast ____________________

V. Nevertheless I have somewhat __________________ thee.
Because ________________________________________

VI. Three things for us to do:
1. __________________________
2. __________________________
3. __________________________

VII. What did the church of Ephesus and Christ hate?
They hated __________________________________

VIII. He that hath an ___________ , let him _________________ .

IX. To the _________________ will I give to eat of the
_____________________ , which is in the midst of the
_____________________ of God.

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