The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 4:6-11
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Lesson 12
The Four Beasts of Heaven

There is a throne in Heaven where God sits. Around the throne are 24 smaller thrones. On these thrones sit 24 elders. Also round about Godís throne are four beasts (living creatures).

I. These creatures have the ability to:
A. See before into the ________________
B. See behind into the ________________

II. The first creature was like a ______________________

III. The second creature was like a ___________________

IV. The third creature had the face as a ________________

V. The fourth creature was like a flying _________________

VI. In Numbers 1:53-2:34 we find:
A. God in the _______________________________
B. Round about the tabernacle __________________ (tribe's symbols)
C. Also seen are standards(flags) with these ensigns (symbols):
1. On the south the tribe of Reuben _________________
2. On the west the tribe of Ephraim _________________
3. On the east the tribe of Judah ___________________
4. On the north the tribe of Dan ____________________

VII. Compare Rev. 1:8 with Rev. 4:8. Who are they speaking about?

VIII. What did the creatures do in Rev. 4:8,9? ______________________________
What happened in Isa. 6:1-3? ___________________________________________
A. Both had ______________________
B. Both said ______________________
C. Both gave _____________________

XI. What did the 24 elders do in Rev. 4:10,11?
A. They ___________________________________
B. They ___________________________________

XII. God is to receive all: _________________________________

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