The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 6:9-17
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Lesson 16
Seals 5 and 6
The Wrath of the Lamb

By contrast to the judgments which are inflicted upon a Christ-rejecting world, believers in this present age are promised escape from the judgment which the world richly deserves (John 3:18, 36). The person who trusts in Christ is not only uncondemned in this world but he has eternal life and is a member of Godís family. By contrast the unbeliever shall never see life, but abides under the wrath of the Lamb which in due time will be inflicted.

I. In verse 9, what two reasons are given for those slain:
They were slain for ________________________________
They were slain for ________________________________

II. In verse 10, what two words describe our LORD?
He is ______________ and He is _______________
He is also called ______________ and _________________

III. ______________________ were given to all that were martyred.

The elements of divine judgment pictured in verses 12-14 are common in prophecies pertaining to the end of the age. Christ Himself predicted earthquakes (Matt. 24:7). Both earthquakes and the sun becoming black are announced by Joel (Joel 2:2, 10, 30-31). The heavens departing as a scroll are mentioned in Isaiah 34:4 also Isa. 13:6-13. The resulting impression upon the unbelieving world is that the time of the judgment of God has come.

IV. Every ________________ and ______________ will be moved.

V. Man will try to hide in _______ and _________ of the mountains

VI. _____ of the unsaved will be spared from the wrath of the Lamb.

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