The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Chapter 7:1-17
Read Revelation Chapter 7:1-17
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Lesson 17
Between Seals 6 and 7
The Great Tribulation Saved

I. The Vision of the Four Angels (1-3)
A. The ___________ of judgment
B. The ___________ of the 12 tribes of Israel _______ Jews
C. There are ___________ of the tribes of Israel in the Bible

II. The Sealing of the Twelve Tribes (4-8)
A. The tribe of ______________ is not mentioned
1. Replaced by the name of his father Joseph (8)
2. No reason given in Scripture for this change

B. The tribe of ______________ is not mentioned
1. Theory: The antichrist would come out of this tribe
2. Dan was one of the first tribes to go into idolatry

C. 144,000 triumphant at the end of the Tribulation (Ch. 14)

III The Martyred Dead of the Great Tribulation In Heaven (9-10)
A. _________________
B. _________________

IV. The Praise of the Heavenly Host (11-12)
A. _________ around throne with the 24 elders and 4 beasts
B. Sevenfold ____________ and ____________ to God
1. __________ 4. ___________ 7. __________
2. __________ 5. ___________
3. __________ 6. ___________

V. The Martyred Dead Identified (13-14)
A. The __________________ Saints
B. A great multitude which _______________________ (9)

VI. The Heavenly Bliss of the Martyred Saints (15-17)
A. __________________ worship and serve God continually
B. __________________ shall feed them and shall lead them
C. ______________ shall wipe away all tears from their eyes

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