The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 9:1-12
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Lesson 19
Trumpet 5 / Woe 1
The Bottomless Pit Locusts

I. What was given to the angel from heaven?

II. What came out of the bottomless pit? _____________________

III. What came out of the smoke? ___________________________

IV. The locusts were given the power of _____________________

V. What and whom were they commanded to NOT HURT?
A. _______________________________
B. _______________________________
C. _______________________________
D. _______________________________

VI. Who were they commanded TO HURT, but NOT KILL?

VII. How long shall they be tormented or hurt? ________________

VIII. What will these locusts look like?
A. Shapes like unto _______________________________
B. Heads were as it were ___________________________
C. Faces were as the faces of _______________________
D. Hair as the hair of ______________________________
E. Teeth were as the teeth of ________________________
F. Breastplates as it were breastplates of ______________
G. Sound of their wings _____________________________
H. Tails like unto __________________________________
I. Tails will have __________________________________

IX. The Hebrew name for the king of the bottomless pit is
____________________ which means _________________

X. The Greek name for the angel of the bottomless pit is
____________________ which means _________________

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