The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 10:1-11
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Lesson 21
During Woe 2
The Little Book

I. Between the end of the sixth trumpet sound and the seventh trumpet sound is a parenthesis which adds nothing to move the events forward. It is a time of added information, but not added action. This parenthesis starts at __________ and ends at _____________ .

II. John sees ______________ mighty angel, who comes down from heaven. In the Greek “another” means _______________________

III. In his hand was a ____________ ______________ __________

IV. His right foot is upon the __________________
His left foot is upon the ___________________

V. His voice sounded like a _____________ that ______________ .

VI. At the sound of his voice seven _________________ spoke.

VII. John was instructed __________ to write what he heard.

VIII. According to verse 6, what would be no longer? ___________

IX. In verse 8, John is told to ________ and _________ the little book which is open and in the hand of the ________________ .

X. In thy mouth the book is ______________ as _______________
In thy belly the book is _______________
The ________ and _____________ of the Lord are __________
than the _____________________ PS 19:9-10

XI. John is to speak to ___________ peoples about the future.

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