The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 11:1-14
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Lesson 22
Ending of Woe 2
The Two Witnesses

I. According to Rev. 11:1, what 3 things was John told to measure?
(1) _________________________________
(2) _________________________________
(3) _________________________________

II. He was told NOT to measure the _________________

III. It should be given to the _______________________

IV. The holy city (Jerusalem) shall be tread upon for forty two months.
How many years is this? _______________

V. A Jewish month consisted of 30 days. Based on this information,
how many years is 1,260 days? _________________

VI. Power was given to two witnesses for the last _____________ years of the tribulation.

VII. No _____________ could hurt them.

VIII. They were __________ by the beast out of the bottomless pit.

IX. But not until they finished their _________________________

X. Spiritually the city will be called
______________ because of the life style of the people.
______________ because of the false religion of the people.

XI. Their _________ bodies will lie in the street for _______ days.

XII Everyone in the ______________ will see the bodies.

XIII. Their prophesying is said to have ________________ them.

XIV. After 3 1/2 days who entered them? ____________________

XV. What will happen next?
(1) ____________ will fall upon them that see it.
(2) A great _______________ will be heard.
(3) They will _______________ up to heaven in a cloud.
(4) There will be a great ______________ and 1/10 of the city will fall.
(5)_______________ will be killed,
and all others will be _____________ and will ____________ God.

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