The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 13:1-10
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Lesson 25
The Beast Out of the Sea

The first ten verses of Rev. 13 predict a future world government which from Godís point of view will be a continuation of the ancient Roman Empire expanded unintimidatingly to cover the entire world. This government will be empowered by Satan, and its primary objective will be forcing the whole world to worship Satan and his human representative, the world dictator.

I. (vs 1-2) The beast out of the sea is _________________________
The ten horns are the ten __________________________
that make up the old boundary of the ____________________________ .
Satan gives the Antichrist three things:
(1) ___________________
(2) ___________________
(3) ___________________

II (vs 3) The head that was wounded and is now being revived to life is ____________________________ .
Cause of death was __________________________ .

III. (vs 4) The world will ________________
(1) ___________________
(2) ___________________ . This will be the one world __________________________ .

IV. (vs 5) How long will this last? ___________________

V. (vs 6) The one world government will blaspheme
(1) ___________________
(2) ___________________
(3) ___________________

VI. (vs 7) The Antichrist _____________ the Saints in ___________________

VII. (vs 8) All the _________________ worship the ______________________
This will be the one world ________________________ .

VIII. (vs 9) This is not said unto the ___________________ .

IX. (vs 10) God gives a ___________________ to the unbelievers.
God gives a ____________________ to the believers.
Patience and faith of the Saints are also seen in _____________________ .

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