The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 13:11-18
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Lesson 26
The Beast Out of the Earth

The prophetic scriptures outline two great religious deceptions; a false Christ, and a false church; but the one is not to be confused with the other. The Antichrist will be a man, as the Christ of God is a Man. Babylon is a vast organized system, even as the church of God is a divine organization. But the one is a Satanic counterfeit of the other. When the voice of prophecy speaks of the Antichrist, the masculine pronoun “he” is used. When it speaks of the false church it uses either the neuter or the feminine, “it” or “she.” There is good reason for this. The Antichrist is the final head of the apostate system, which bears the same relationship to him, in an outward way, that the church does to Christ.

I. The beast out of the sea will be the Antichrist. The beast out of the earth will be the __________________________ Rev. 19:20

II. He will have both the _________________ and ____________________ of the Lamb of God.
But his _____________________ will betray him.

III. He will cause the earth and all the people to ______________ the Antichrist.

IV. He will do great _________________ on the earth in the sight of men.

V. He ______________________ them that dwell on the earth.

VI. He that would not worship the Antichrist would be __________________ .

VII. He caused all them to receive a ______________ .

VIII. This would be in the __________ hand or ________________

IX. No man could _____________ or ______________ without this mark.

X. This mark will be a __________________ .

XI. The number of a man is ______________ .

XII. The number of the Beast is ________________ .

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