The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 14:1-7
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Lesson 27
The Victory of the Lamb

Chapter 14 begins with the assurance that the Lamb will ultimately stand in triumph on Mount Zion with his followers, and it concludes with a series of pronouncements of judgments upon the wicked.

I. The _________________ stood on Mt. Sion (Zion).

II. The ________________ stood on Mt. Sion with _______ .

III. Having _________ Father’s ___________ written in their foreheads. Read Rev. 7:3-4.

IV. The voice John hears is as _____________________ (Rev. 1:15 and Rev. 14:2)
and is as ____________________ Rev. 14:2

V. John heard also the voice of harpers _____________________

VI. They sang a _____ song before the throne, 4 beasts, and 24 elders.

VII. _____ _________ could learn that song, but the 144,000.

VIII. “Not defiled with woman, for they are virgins” has two thoughts:
(1) Critical days of the tribulation when normal marital life for a person true to God is impossible or
(2) ________ ________ not defiled by ____________________ or ___________________ ,
but keep ________________________ in the world which is filthy.

IX. Israel is known as the ___________ daughter of Zion. (II Kings 19:21; Isa. 37:22 Lam. 2:13)
and as the _________ of Israel. (Jer. 18:13; 31:4,21; Amos 5:2)
These 144,000 are a token of the redemption of the nation and the glory of _______________ which is to unfold in the kingdom.

X. What is NOT found in their mouth? No __________ . No falsehood; no false religion in them.

XI. What does “without fault” mean?
(1) Without _____________________ before him. (Eph 1:4),
(2) Without _____________________ (Eph 5:27) ______________________ (Col. 1:22)
(3) Without _____________________ (Heb. 9:14) ______________________ (Jude 24)

XII. Three things that man is told to do:
(1) ______________________________
(2) ______________________________
(3) ______________________________

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