The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 14:8-13
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Lesson 28
A Fair and Just Judgment

“Babylon” sometimes refers to a literal city, sometimes to a religious system, sometimes to a political system. all stemming from the evil character of historic Babylon. The destruction of the city of Babylon itself, whether a reference to Rome, as is commonly held, or to a rebuilt city of Babylon on the ancient site of historic Babylon, does not take place until the end of the great tribulation. Inasmuch as the context here seems to deal primarily with the end of the great tribulation and the beginning of the millennial kingdom, the reference seems to be to the literal city. _____________________ is fallen, is fallen. (vs 8)

I. The Judgment upon the Worshippers of the Beast. (vs 9-11)
(A) It shall be a judgment of ______________ .

(B) They will be _______________ with _________________
and _________________________ in the presence of:
(1) The ____________________________
(2) The ____________________________

(C) Christ referred to hell (gehenna) _____________ out of _________________ times.

(D) Christ made _____________ out of _______________ reference to hell's fire.

How dangerous it is for men to trifle with _____________ religions,
which dishonor the incarnate ______________ and contradict the written _______________ .

II. The Judgment upon the Non-worshippers of the Beast. (vs 12-13)
(A) It shall be a judgment of _______________ .

(B) Through some will face ________________________________
Others will go into _______________________________________
Better than those who accept the ____________________ way out.

(C) They kept the ________________ of God.
They kept the ________________ of Jesus Christ.

(D) The voice is that of the _________________________________ .

III. What are the six Beatitudes found in the Book of Revelation?
1. (vs 1:3) _______________________________________________________________________
2. (vs 16:15) _____________________________________________________________________
3. (vs 19:9) ______________________________________________________________________
4. (vs 20:6) ______________________________________________________________________
5. (vs 22:7) ______________________________________________________________________
6. (vs 22:14) _____________________________________________________________________

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