The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 14:14-20
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Lesson 29
The Great Winepress
of the Wrath of God

I. John sees someone sitting on a white cloud.
Who is that one? ____________________________

II. What did He have in His hand? ________________________

III. What was on His head? ______________________

IV. An _____________ appears from where? ________________

V. The __________________ of the earth is _________________

VI The __________________ of the earth is _________________

VII. Who had the second _______________ ? ________________

VIII. Where did he come from? _____________________

IX. Where did the next _______________ come from? __________

X. What power did he have? _______________________________

XI. How many times was there a sharp __________ thrust? ______

XII. What was gathered the second time? _____________________

XIII. Where was it cast after it was gathered? _________________

XIV. This winepress was called
“The Great Winepress of the ________________________

XV. In verse 20, what is the name of this city? _________________

XVI. What came out of the winepress? _________________

XVII. Would you say the horse’s bridle was high? ______________

XVIII. A thousand and six hundred furlongs equals _______ miles.

XIX. Israel (From North to South) measures ________ miles.

XX. How many angels are mentioned in Rev. Chapter 14 ________

Ref: _______ ________ _______ _______ _______ _______

Many people like to talk about angels.
Take them to Chapter 14 and tell them God will use angels to bring judgment upon mankind.

This can be used to give a witness to the lost.


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