The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Read Revelation Chapter 19:1-10
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Lesson 35
The Alleluia Chapter
The Marriage of the Lamb

This is the only chapter where the word Alleluia is found.

I. In heaven, what words were cried unto the Lord our God?
Alleluia; _________________
and __________________
and __________________
and __________________

II. Godís judgments are __________ and ____________________

III. He hath ________________ the blood of his ______________

IV. And again they said, _____________________

V. Who else in heaven cried Alleluia?
(1) The _________________________
(2) The _________________________

VI. According to verse 5, what three word command was issued?
________________ ___________ ___________

VII. Another reason for saying Alleluia is shared in verse 6.
Alleluia, for the __________________________________

VIII. Let us be _____________ and _________________ and give
___________________ to him. (vs 7)

IX. What has come? ____________________________________

X. Who is the Bride? _____________ The Groom? ___________

XI. Who is blessed in verse 9? ____________________________

XII. These are the ________________ sayings of ____________

XIII. Whom did John try to worship? ____________________

XIV. But he was told: See thou __________ _______ _______

XV. The angel told John he was Johnís ______________________
and ____________________

XVI. Who are we told to worship? Worship ____________ .

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