The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 19:11-21
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Lesson 36
The Battle Before the 1,000
Year Reign of Jesus Christ

I. Godís ________________________ (vs 11-16)

II. Godís ________________________ (vs 17-18)

III. Godís ________________________ (vs 19-21)

IV. The rider on the white horse is called:
A. ________________________________ (vs 11)
B. ________________________________ (vs 12)
C. ________________________________ (vs 13)
D. ________________________________ (vs 16)

V. Who is this rider? _____________________________________

VI. Who comes with him? _________________________________

VII. Who else is called to come? ____________________________

VIII. Who is doing the calling? ______________________________

IX. What does he call them to? _____________________________

X. Is He welcomed? ___________ They wanted to make ________
against ________________ and against ______________________

XI. What is the weapon that defeats them? ____________________

XII. What two enemies of God are captured in this chapter?
A. ________________________________
B. ________________________________

XIII. Both will be cast alive into ____________________________

XIV. Describe this place. __________________________________

XV. What happens to the others? ___________________________

XVI. Then what happens to them? __________________________

XVII. Who does all the fighting in this war? ___________________

XVIII. Who is the victor? _________________________________

XIX. His army consists of all ______________________________

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