The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 20:7-15
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Lesson 38
Satan Released After
The 1,000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ

I. When _____________ years are expired, what happens? (vs 7)

II. According to verse 20:8, what two things does Satan plan?
(1) _____________________________________________
(2) _____________________________________________

III. Is he able to get a following? ________ How many? (vs 8)

IV. Was there ever a battle? _______ Why? (vs 9) _____________

V. Name the beloved city. _________________________________

VI. What happen to the devil that deceived them? (vs 10) ________

VII. By what two Bible verses, do we know who else is there?
(1) Who is there: _____________________ Ref: _________
(2) Who is there: _____________________ Ref: _________

VIII. How much time has expired between these two verses?

IX. What is a key word in Rev. 20:10? ______________________

X. There are two judgements in the future.
Believers will be judged at the ________________________________________
and unbelievers will be judged at the ___________________________________ (vs 11)

XI. For the unsaved, what is NOT found in the book of life?

XII. The unsaved will be judged according to their _____________

XIII. _________________________ were cast into the lake of fire.

XIV. __________________________ was cast into the lake of fire.

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