The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Ralph H. Flynn

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Read Revelation Chapter 22:7-13
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Lesson 42
Worship God

I. What four words are common in verses 7 and 12?
________________ _____ ____________ ________________

II. Blessed is he that _______________________ the sayings of the
_______________________ of this book (v.7).

III. What two things did John do in the first part of v. 7?
He __________________ and ___________________ .

IV. Who did John try to worship (v.8)? ______________________

V. According to verse 9, are we to worship angels? _____________

VI. Today, do we see a lot of interest placed on angels __________

VII. What two things did the angel say he was (v.9)?
________________________ and __________________________

VIII. Whom are we told to worship (v.9)? ____________________

IX. John is told not to ______________ this book (v. 10).

X. He that is ____________ , let him be ________________ still.
He that is ______________ , let him be ________________ still.
He that is ______________ , let him be ________________ still.
He that is ______________ , let him be ________________ still.

XI. According to verse 12, when Christ comes what will He bring with Him? _________________

XII. For whom is this reward (v.12)? ______________ _______

XIII. Every man shall receive according to his ____________ (v.12)

XIV. Christ said He was:
________________ and __________________
the ________________ and the ___________
the ________________ and the ___________

XV. What was the title of this morningís message?
ďA _____________________ of Good ______________ Ē

XVI. What is better than knowing Godís Word?
____________________ Godís Word!!!!!!!!

XVII. What does James 4:17 have to say about this?

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